Firmware Humax

Firmware Humax

Firmware Humax VA-ACE, -FOX, -5200.
Firmware Humax VA-ACE, -FOX, -5200.
SkyLink, 0D0304 - OK!
0D0020 - OK.
0D0030 - OK.
0D0504 - NO
0D0510 OK
Patch Silver-11.5
Patch Silver-orange 11.5
Patch-white 11.5
Theme Patch Silver-11.5.
Theme Patch Silver-orange 11.5
ToH3.4_HoT11.5 ( patch graphic)

&&& add themes

&&& add last pmct and config

&&& speed for sharing

- AustriaSat fix (cryptoworks) on 19.2E
Important information for Humax-5400-users and File-Guys:
As soon as EMU-decryption of ORF and/or AustriaSat will be over,
you should delete (= value "00 00 00 ...") all Keys related to
ORF (Provider-ID "0D0540") and/or AustriaSat (Provider-ID "0D0510").
This deletion will make sure that subscriber cards for ORF or
AustriaSat can work in an external CAM.

- Satellite Names (see drop-down list in the Humax-menu "Antenna Setting")
have been revised and partly replaced by new ones

new old
--- ---
Astra 3 (23.5E) Astra 3A,1E,1G (23.5E)
Astra 4 (4.8E) Sirius (4.8E)
Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5W) Atlantic Bird 2 (8W)

For correct display of all firmware-embedded Satellite Names you
should use the editor HNFSmart2.4fix2 (by Nostromo) and replace the old
file "satnames.ini" in the folder of HNFSmart2.4fix2 (usually in
"C:\Programs\HumaxSmartSuite\HNFSmart") by the new file "satnames.ini"
that comes with current firmware ToH3.4HoT11.5 (see extra folder).

- new PMCT
PMCT is available as:
"PMCT_2011-01-08_ToH34HoT115.csv" (included in ToH3.4HoT11.5)
"PMCT_2011-01-08_ToH34HoT115_only_for_A02-Card.csv" (use this one only if
you have an Austrian A02-Card for Sky Germany in the internal slot)
what has been done:
Revision of EMU-related data
Inclusion of new ProviderIDs and CAIDs
Update of transponder tables for Quick Automatic Search
Please NEVER delete transponder-data (Type-IDs "0050" to "0060") from
the PMCT if you distribute modified PMCTs on the internet! And you should
not distribute PMCTs that have simply been read from Humax and therefore
show no verbal information any more. Use the program "PMCTool", version

*Some basic information on "CAID Preselect" and on "Cardblocker":
Remember to use "CAID-Preselect = CARD+EMU" as standard.
Choose "CARD+EMU+CS" only if you actually use Sharing-connections for
decryption or if the Humax 5400 shall work on Constant Control
Words (CCWs) for a while; additional CAMs with subscriber
cards for ORF/AustriaSat will not work on "CARD+EMU+CS".
Choose "CARD+CS" only if you do not need the EMU at all: This option
is for decryption via Sharing and - maybe - subscriber card
in the internal slot; additional CAMs with subscriber cards
for ORF/AustriaSat will not work on "CARD+CS".
Select "Cardblocker = OFF" if you use a subscriber card
in the internal slot.
Select "Cardblocker = ECM+EMM" if you use a mere dummy card
in the internal slot.